Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fringe Festival with Cat by Ken
On Wednesday 28th July 2010, I went down to see a show at the Fringe Festival.  I usually don't attend Fringe events.   I have gone to two or three shows in the past and they were really bad performances, so my experiences with them haven't been good.  I went this time because Cat Johnson, a friend of mine, was choreographing a show, and I wanted to support her.  My previous experiences with Fringe were tempering my expectations.  I walked over to the Crosstown Station where the show was being held.  I feel it is a terrible place for a dance show.  It might be okay for a vocal or small musical group.  The show was scheduled for 9:30, and pretty much started on time.  Cat left the dancing to three women and one man.   I saw it to be modern dance with a lot of elements of ballet in it.  The women each had a different color dress -- red, blue and gold.  The gentleman was wearing a dark suit.  I was very pleasantly surprised with this performance.  The choreography was the type of thing that I really liked.  Each dancer was dancing seperately most of the time but at the same time there was an overall theme they all seemed to fit into.
     It was a very high energy show with much more to see that I could at one time.  The dancers worked well together and used some of the props/scenery as part of the routine.  Cat did some narration part of the time while they were dancing.
     I only regret I couldn't get some pictures but I was afraid to snap any for fear of the flash destroying the enjoyment of the performance by others.
     I know that George Balanchine was the great guru of choreography.  But to my way of looking at it, this was done much better than the guru.  Great job to Cat and her dancers.  The best fringe show I have ever seen.

In other Fringe News...

Long lines... sold out performances... people being turned away.... extra added shows ... sounds like a dream come true for some venues. Well, one of those venues was the Fishtank Performance Studio. Sunday evening, all those things were happening for the performance of "Thrill Me." Read all about it and watch a video of the photo shoot on the link. I got some snapshots of the line waiting to get into the show on Sunday afternoon....
IMG_0767 2
IMG_0769 2

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