Friday, August 6, 2010

Daytripping Lee's Summit Missouri

Lee's Summit Missouri

Ken and I set out for the next suburb in line as you head east on 350 Highway out of Raytown and Knobtown -- Lee's Summit.

  While Lee's Summit is a sprawling/growing part of the Kansas
City metro area, it has the kernel of a small town that the sprawl is growing out of, with a nice alive downtown area.

     Ken and I started at the old MoPac depot where we parked.  Amtrak had come in while we were there.

Today I actually got to do some of my other hobby -- railfanning.  Yes, I am a foamer, and I plan to include more train vids and pix in this blog.  In addition to the livestream, I caught three other trains passing through Lee's Summit -- a UP mixed manifest, a Missouri and North Arkansas mixed (which is the first time I've ever documented something from this line) and another Amtrak train.
   Ken and I then embarked on this warming afternoon on exploring downtown.  We have had a recent respite from the heat, but this afternoon was the beginning of a re warming trend.  Ken and I went to the block of buildings across from the station first.  There seems to be a lot of bars and restaurants downtown, which is nice for a non-college town.
The first gallery we perused was the Hidden Gallery.  The featured artist is Bob Byerly.
In addition to bars and restaurants, there are a lot of galleries and boutique shops downtown. We made our way to yet another gallery on this hot afternoon.  Tima could not come in unfortunately...
GOT art, or Gallery on Third, is a place started by a married couple who wanted to see more art downtown.
They are in between shows, with a call for artists for a new one coming out soon.
We hit another boutique shop/gallery with an interesting past...

Anytime I see an old neon sign, I'm interested.  Apparently, according to the person at the store, this was once a hotel, and the old Lee's Summit hospital before that.
Around the corner, we found a facade that left us scratching our heads.  It looked like newer construction, but the streamline modern style seemed much older.  We walked past several artifacts from a different era...
When we made it around the block,  we finally came to the answer to the mystery of the streamline modern theatre building we found.  No, it is not a historic building -- it actually is a reproduction of a theatre that used to be there at one time....
The whole block is part of downtown redevelopment in Lee's Summit.  Ken and I noticed that downtown Lee's Summit has invested a fortune in sidewalks and lighting and beautification.  I think the fact that downtown seems to be alive is a reflection of the pride that this town has shown in it's urban core.
Our next stop was right around the corner for ice cream.
The heat of the afternoon was finally breaking.  We walked on and explored a thrift shop and we headed west to the chinese restaurant that is in a former Griffs Burger Bar, with the distinctive A Frame design by Valentine Diners of Wichita Kansas.
We stopped in and ordered some a la carte and lemonade, but underestimated the serving sizes.  What was meant to be a snack turned out to be a bit more.  It was good, though.  For more information on Griffs than you'd ever want to or need to know, go here....

Also, Valentine Diners, of which there are several in the area, can be found here...

We took a few more pix at dusk, then headed back.

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