Thursday, September 2, 2010

Storm Chasing and/or daytripping/1st Friday

It rained and the weather looked interesting for awhile, but not much came of it here.  Hurricane Earl raked up the east coast, and that was really more interesting to watch...
Earl @ 02;07 FRI 3 SEP 2010
EARL 02;53 FRI 3 SEP 2010
Earl Fri 3 Sep 2010@08;39
However, as far as hurricanes go, that one kinda fizzled out too.
But, in Kansas City, the arts scene heats this sleepy cowtown up.  That was a cheezy segue.  I'm doing more livestreaming and, of course, more Here! In My Car!!! -- the world's first talkshow in a car.  Friday I and Ryan Haralson drive around and see the goings on in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City Missouri during the artwalk...

The artwalk actually began on the Thursday before when Ken and I found ourselves in a conversation with the person who runs Cocoon gallery at the Arts Incubator.  We were then invited to attend an art talk by artist Johan Criswell.
Ryan and I went to Grand Arts Gallery, since it was discussed so much lately.  Tima and her new outfits became the center of attention, and after she had some cheese, she lost all interest in art.
After driving around on Friday, I went to the Keyhole Gallery
Paintings by female Muslim artist, Noshaba Bakht
YJ's Jazz Jam

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