Thursday, November 19, 2015

Shopping in Norwich

We spent a nice day shopping and relaxing in Norwich.

The view from our window.  You could see, but not well in the picture, a windmill about dead center in the window.
Our cozy digs that our gracious Aunt and Uncle provided during our stay.
Driving Riley to his vet appointment.

Doggy loves the vet...


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Suyen learned her lesson the hard way yesterday with a blister and a sore attitude.  Today she is getting sensible shoes for the massive amounts of walking yet to come.  The downside is that Imelda has added to her collection.
Cemetery in the middle of a shopping center.
Yeah, we've been accused of having that...
Shopping in Norwich
Victorian Architecture romanticized and older more barbaric time...
Time to get some street view pictures of the castle.

Kett's Rebellion

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The Royal Arcade

George Skipper

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We decided to stop here to have cawfee and wait for Auntie Monica.  Uncle John really enjoyed his mocha...
Back at the maul, We stopped in a house goods store to look for a sd card for me and an outlet adaptor.  Auntie Monica needed some things and Suyen was looking for something as well.
(BA) Biker Aunt...
Rainbow on our last day in Norfolk
Luke... I am your Biker Aunt!
Time for fish and chips..
Uncle Johns Trains...
Time to eat!

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