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Day 2 -- Friday 22 April 2016: The Jefferson Highway Between Horton Missouri and the Oklahoma State Line plus Route 66 to Carthage, Missouri

Friday 22 April 2016:  The Jefferson Highway Between Horton Missouri and the Oklahoma State Line plus Route 66 to Carthage, Missouri

Jefferson Highway:  Kansas City to Nevada, Missouri
After a later start than I wanted, we headed down US 71/I-49 to get back to where I left off yesterday.
Downtown Loop, Kansas City, Missouri
There is a car dealer that uses a ridiculous gigantic cowboy statue for a mascot...
Back to where I left off yesterday evening -- Horton, Missouri
More shots of the old Horton post office.

There is another area of the Jefferson Highway I can't access very well from the Interstate, so we took the interstate to the next available ramp.
We took I-49 south to the first Nevada Exit and turned left to head south on the West Outer Road.
We then turned right to head west on East Highland Avenue.
We made a turn one block too early, we should've turned left to head south on North Main Street.  We corrected after one block and got on track.
Downtown Nevada was to be our first stop for the day to "wind the clock" and have a little picnic in a side park on the square.

Time for lunch....

Panorama of Nevada's town square...

Winding the clock to get some pictures...,2067255&hl=en

Nevada Panorama

The park we had our picnic at was actually the footprint of a building that is no longer there.  Interesting art work depicting the history of the area.

Trying to get the doggies to take care of bidness...
Time to depart and head on... we've got gravel roads to explore!

Jefferson Highway skirts the west side of the downtown square.  You go one block south of the square to turn right and head east on East Austin Boulevard.  Take that out of town.
Jefferson Highway Between Nevada and Butler, Missouri
Austin Boulevard is the main strip road in town.

Austin Boulevard becomes K, and it curves south.
Follow K and it turns into South 1800 road.

South 1800 Road curves east and becomes East Rebel Road.
Take East Rebel Road to South 1900 Road.  Turn Right to head south.
And the roads become gravel again....  Take South 1900 Road south to E highway.  Turn Right on E, head east to CRD 1925.  Turn right and head south on CRD 1925.
CRD 1925 -- Gravel Road.

Passing a person on a bicycle who looks like he is touring, perhaps the Jefferson Highway.

Sheldon, Missouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Small town of Sheldon, Missouri
Old school on the north side of Sheldon, Missouri
Crossing over B Highway
Main Street in Sheldon, Missouri

Jones Boots, downtown Sheldon, Missouri

I like this picture with the water tower...

Departing Sheldon, Missouri on a gravel... highway?
Intersection of Northeast Division Lane and Northeast 100th Road.  Turning left to head east from here on NE 100th.

Northeast 100th road meets Northeast 10th Lane.  Turn right to head south on Northeast 10th.
Passing east of Irwin, Missouri and crossing C highway.
South of C Hiway is this amazing wooden bridge.  It is used for a cross over of the rail road tracks and a creek here at Northeast 40th road.  Northeast 10th Lane is the way south from here.

We stopped here for the doggies and pictures...

Follow Northeast 10th lane south to East State Highway EE.  Turn left on EE and head to Northeast 15th Lane.  Plenty of gravel roads around here...
State Highway EE

State Highway EE across the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad tracks

Turn Right on Northeast 15th and head south and yet again, face the gravel....

Another interesting grade crossing at the Missouri and Northern Arkansas.  Trains seem infrequent here -- at least we didn't see or hear any, but please bear in mind that the tracks are only marked with railroad cross buck signs.  So look, listen and live, especially if you are traveling these country roads with limited visibility.

Crossing over the Spring River on NE 15th Road.  There is a road side park on the south side here.
Pavement portends civilization...

Lamar, Missouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Truman Street south into town and right on East 6th Street, followed by a left on Grand Street...
This is a relic of another era...
Right on East 6th from Truman Street.
We took a slight detour on 6th.  We headed east about a block because I heard a train horn in the distance.  Nothing showed up, however....  I just snapped some pix of the city water works.

...back west on East 6th...
Time to wind the Barton County clock.

Plaza Theater in downtown Lamar, Missouri

Can't get enough of this grand marquee...

Jimmy's driving....

Birthplace of Harry S. Truman...

Jimmy wants out...

Departing Lamar...
Jefferson Highway actually passes a couple of blocks east of downtown.  We heading south on Grand Street to get outta town...
Turn left on 17th street and cross the railroad tracks, then turn right on KK out of town...
Jefferson Highway Between Lamar and Carthage, Missouri
KK headed south out of Lamar, Missouri.
...and don't worry, the gravel won't be too far off....
KK meanders a bit south of town before coming to a curve to the left at Southeast 40th road.  Make an immediate right to head south on Southeast 15th Lane and gravellllll......
Southeast 15th Lane heads southeast then bends to the south.  For a gravel road it sure is scenic.  It crosses over Pettis creek as it heads southwest.

Southeast 15th lane meets Southeast 50th Road.  You make a right and head west on Southeast 50th.
Southeast 50th bends left to the south and becomes southeast 10th lane.

On Southeast 10th lane there is a little mom and pop market before the road crosses the tracks and continues on south.

A right is made on Southwest 70th Road which continues to the west before meeting I-49 at the overpass.  Take the ramp and take I-49 south.

Instead of on and offing at Jasper, we (ugh) stayed on the interstate.

Jasper, Missouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We exited on M to head south on 138, which is the west outer road.

South on 138.

We pass under the interstate, and head into Carthage.  The road we are on becomes North Garrison Avenue.
North Garrison heading into Carthage, Missouri.

Carthage, Missouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
North Garrison is old US 71.  Jefferson Highway used to cross the river as North Main Street about two blocks to the east.  The bridge is still there.

Old US 71 highway bridge coming into Carthage, Missouri.

We turn east, left onto Vine Street, then turn right, south onto North Main Street.

North Main heads straight into the downtown square on the west side.
Route 66 and the Jefferson Highway is a busy intersection to try to cross, be careful.

Winding the clock in downtown Carthage, Missouri.

Carthage Missouri Video from April 2012

Carthage downtown has an arts district/antique store thing going...

Jefferson Highway Between Carthage, Missouri and the Oklahoma State Line
After "winding the clock" in Carthage, we headed west from here towards the Oklahoma State line.  From Carthage west, you are following route 66.  However, once you come to Joplin, there are places where the alignment of the Jefferson Highway and US 66 differ.
U.S. Route 66 marker

Boots Court..
Boots court recently had a lighting of the neon ceremony.  The restoration process continues.  Here is a video from Ace Jackalope...
Video from April 2012

From October 2012

Former insurance company

Former Boots Drive In, now a bank....

Head south on South Garrison Avenue to Oak Street.  Turn Right and head west on Oak.

Crossing over the bridge that goes over the tracks of the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad.  I hear this bridge may be replaced soon.
Follow west Oak Street to a Y, and go to the left.
Y at North Oak and old US 66 in Carthage, Missouri
Follow the road marked as Old US 66 Boulevard west past the 66 Drive In.
We passed Mi Casa RV park and I took a mental note that this might be a nice place to stay -- maybe a bit too far to the west with where I need to be on Saturday, but still a good place.
Old 66 Boulevard bends to the south and meets up with an overpass over MO 171.
Route 171 marker
Turn right to go over the overpass, and head northwest to intersect with old route 66.  Turn left to head west.
Route 66 bends to the south then to the west as it crosses Center Creek.
North of Carterville, Route 66 comes to a T-intersection.  Turn left and head south into Carterville, Missouri.

Carterville, Missouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Route 66 head south and intersects at Main Street in carterville.  There is an interesting restaurant on the northwest corner of that intersection which sells fried chicken and fish.
Turn right on Main to head west through Carterville
The map we are following shows the actual route of the Jefferson Highway bypassing downtown one block to the south.  We chose to drive through downtown.
We love to stop at Supertam on 66, but today we had to continue on our journey..

Here is a video from April 2012...

Driving west on Main street (route 66) we come to a curve that swings south then west crossing from Carterville to Webb City, Missouri.

Webb City, Missouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are piers for a bridge to the north of the road between Webb City and Carterville.  They are for the SouthWest Missouri Electric Railway.
Downtown Webb City, Missouri
Follow Route 66 west through Webb City to South Webb Avenue, turn left to head south one block before turning right to head west again on route 66.
South on South Webb Avenue
West on route 66
Take Route 66 West to South Madison Street.  Turn left to head south on South Madison.
Intersection of Route 66 and South Madison Street in Webb City.
Take South Madison Street to Macarthur Drive.
Turn left to head west on Macarthur Drive.

Take West Macarthur Drive to North St. Louis Avenue.  Turn left to head south on North St. Louis.  We are at the Joplin Airport.

Joplin, Missouri

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
South on North St. Louis Avenue.
Follow North St. Louis Avenue southward until East Broadway Street.  Turn left to head west.

East Broadway Street westbound in Joplin, Missouri.

East Broadway Street curves southwest and passes over the railroad tracks with and overpass.  If you look to your right as you cross over, you will see the abandoned Joplin Union Depot.
Take East Broadway west to South Main Street. Turn left to head south on South Main Street.

Downtown Joplin, Missouri.

Take South Main Street south to West 6th Street, turn right to head west on West 6th Street.
The Jefferson Highway is one block north of the route 66 alignment through Joplin, Missouri until about South Maiden Lane.  However, you cannot cross to that last block as the street has become a private parking lot before South Maiden Lane.

Turning left on South Porter Street from West 6th Street, as the access to South Maiden Lane has been blocked west of here for one block.

Turn right on West 7th Street to head west on Route 66 in Joplin.

Here we stopped so some people could take care of bidness and get some snacks at the Wal*mart.  Ugh, the mandatory Wal*Mart stop!!!

I took a screen grab of the route we have taken so far...
After Wal*fart, we continued on west on West 7th Street/route 66.
It looks like the carousel park here is permanently closed...
Take west 7th street west to Old Route 66 Boulevard.  Make a right on Old Route 66 Boulevard and head northwest.  This is an interesting stretch of road.  It crosses the Missouri/Kansas State line into Galena Kansas.

Galena, Kansas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After the State Line, the route follows east front street over a bridge past a mine into
Crossing over the interesting old bridge before downtown Galena, Kansas.

East Front Street meets up with South Main Street in Galena.  At this corner you will find Cars on the Route, which used to be Four Women on the Route...
Video from October 2012

Downtown Galena Kansas

Now, here is a place where the Jefferson Highway differs from route 66.  At the intersection of West 7th Street and South Main, you continue on south on Main street and head south through town.
South Main Street in Galena, Kansas.
You turn right to head west on Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178.
West on Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178.
Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178 meets up with Southeast 77th Terrace, turn left to head south on Southeast 77th Terrace/Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178
Southbound on Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178

Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178 curves to the right and heads west across the Spring River, which is more like a lake here.

Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178 crossing Spring River...

Federal Aid Secondary Highway 1178 comes to a T with Federal Aid Secondary Highway 107.  Take a left to head south on Federal Aid Secondary Highway 107 in the town of Lowell, Kansas.

Lowell, Kansas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Head south on Federal Aid Secondary Highway 107 until it intersect with Southeast Lowell, Road.  We made a wrong turn one block early and corrected.  I dunno, I guess the sun got in my eyes.  Head west on Southeast Lowell road.
Head west on Southeast Lowell Road until you hit Southeast 67th Terrace.  Here the road curves to the left and you head south.  Then the road curves to the west (right) and then curves to the southwest before intersecting US 400.
U.S. Route 400 marker
Cross over US 400 to North Commerce Avenue.  North Commerce is something of a paved farm road with lots of potholes due to heavy farm equipment passing over here.

Take North Commerce to US 166

Turning right to head West on US 166.
This will take you into Baxter Springs

Baxter Springs, Kansas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At the intersection of US 166 and US 29, we basically ended our tour of the Jefferson Highway.  The highway actually differs from the route 66 alignment here by heading west on 166 to west 12th street, then west on West 12th to Ballard Avenue, then south on Ballard to West 19th, then west on west 19th to US 69, then south on US 69 through Pitcher, Oklahoma to East 30th Road, take that west to S 60 Road, take that south to E 50 road, take that west to North Main Street in Commerce, Oklahoma, and follow that as it merges with US 69 on into Miami.
We instead turned left onto US 66 and went through town to the Oklahoma/Kansas border where we took pictures, and turned around and headed Back.

Indian Territory Marker on the Oklahoma Kansas border on US 66.

This is the farthest point south we reached.  After this we turned around and started heading north on US 66.

Route 66 between the Oklahoma/Kansas Border and Carthage, Missouri
Heading north on North Military Avenue through Baxter Springs, Kansas through downtown to West 5th Street.

Jimmy laying half on the bed and half on the floor in Melba...

Downtown Baxter Springs, Kansas.

This is the first place we stopped and got great hospitality on Route 66 in 2012.
Take Military Avenue north through Baxter springs to West 5th Street.  Turn left on West 5th to head west.
Take west 5th to Willow Avenue, turn right and head north out of town.  North of town is the Marsh Arch bridge, also known as the Rainbow Bridge.

Video from April 2012

The route bends to the east at the Rainbow bridge and follow Southeast Beardsley Road to the east.  You cross US 69 at the traffic circle then go east to Riverton, Kansas

Riverton, Kansas

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We stopped at the Old Riverton Store...

Williams' Store

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Old Auto Trails map on the wall of the Riverton store...

K-66 markerAfter the old Riverton Store, we headed east on KS 66.
We re-entered Galena, Kansas from the west.

We took this route east to save a little time.  This is Route 66 from the 1940's to 1985.

We crossed the Missouri/Kansas state line on US 66.
Route 66 marker
Missouri 66 passed the Carousel Park, now closed...

Turn left on South Main Street in downtown Joplin from East 7th Street/MO 66.  Head north on South Main Street.
Downtown Joplin, Missouri

Turn right on Broadway street, and head east.
Take Broadway Street east to North Saint Louis Avenue.  Turn left and head north.  Take North Saint Louis Avenue to Euclid Avenue.  Turn right on Euclid Avenue to head northeast.
Take Euclid Avenue to Utica Street and turn right to head east.
Take Utica Street east to North Florida Avenue.  Turn left to head north at an apartment building that looks like an old hotel.

Take North Florida Avenue to Zora street and turn right to head east.

Take Zora Street east to North Range Line Road.  Turn left to head north on North Range Line Road.

Take North Range Line road into Webb City, and turn right to head east on West Broadway Street.

We took West Broadway to downtown Webb City, turned right at the T, and headed south a half block on South Webb Avenue, then turned left and headed east on East church to South Main street, turned left to head north, then turned right to head east on East Broadway Street.

Take East Broadway out of town to Carterville, Missouri.
The piers to the SouthWest Missouri Electric Railway Bridge that crossed over the MoPac can be seen as you head east on East Broadway.
East Broadway become Historic US 66, and curves north then east on West Main Street into Carterville, Missouri.

West Main becomes East Main and you turn left on North Pine Street to head north.
North Pine meets Old 66 Boulevard, turn east on Old 66 Boulevard and head east.
Old 66 Boulevard heads southeast over the overpass to MO 96.
Route 96 marker
We took Old 66 east to Mi Casa RV Park, where we put down stakes for the evening.
This is a real National Old Trails Road sign at Mi Casa, even though the National Old Trails Road never passed through here.
Our view for the evening.

We headed into Carthage for the Third Friday Artwork.
Boots Court with its neon lit up.

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